1950s theme

Good Morning,

I love a good themed party. I went to a couple last month and I have one this week which is 1950s themed and I am excited. I mainly need to think about hair and make up style as I have collected everything else. I thought I would post some tutorials and ideas, in case any of you lovely people are in need of 1950s costume! I will post a photo of me in my get up on Friday so you can see the end result!

This dress is amazingly gorgeous. I want it 🙂

lace dress

But this is more the style of dress that I have:


I had trouble in deciding if my dress was 1950s, but I hoping with the right accessories and make up I’ll be fine!

If my hair was long enough I would try a style like this. She looks stunning in this photograph.


 Cherry Dollface has some really good 1950 inspired hair style tutorials. I am planning on styling my hair using her video. She also has alot of other videos based on 1950s themed styling.

This is not a blog about 1950s themed styling. However, this photo of her is amazing. How she has done her make up is the style I am aiming for.

1950s face

Or maybe I should go with the hair roller look? What you think?


Yesterday’s Girl is a blog about vintage life and styling. Check her out if you are interested in this kind of stuff. She has a tutorial on how she does her make up as well as the products she uses. This is her face made up prettily 🙂


 Time to get the red lippy out!

I’ll add a photograph of me all dressed up later in the week, I promise this time it will happen!