Cats, all the cats

Hello pickle plums,

At work there is an increased amount of cat related clothes (before people start to have Anchor Man images, nope, I mean cat motifs on human clothing). I want them all. But they cost money I don’t really have (trying to save). So I thought why not either upcycle my clothes or go charity shopping to revamp them into cat fashion! I’ve been looking around online and found a wealth of clothing with cats on them. Some of them look rather easier to DIY. I thought I would share with you the inspiration for my upcoming DIY. It will probably be a bit till I can post a photo due to so much life happening at the moment, but I thought if any of you wanted to have a go in the mean time you’l have some links at your finger tips! Just click on the photos and it’l take you to the page.

Cat dresses! How cute are these, though they are out of my price range. They are from ROMWE and $49.99. I love the idea of incorporating a cat shape onto the dress. The best way to do this, I think, would be to get a lace dress and applique a cat face onto the top half and add a bow. The main difficulty with this would be in finding matching colours; the dress and the applique would need to be the same shade otherwise it would look too homemade.

cat dress

Galaxy print, a cat and a cape. If you are looking for a jumper with all these things, look no further. I know I shouldn’t but I love this. Its amazeballs.

galxy catI have no idea as to how to copy this. I guess a transfer? You kinda have to get past the models pose ( not 100% whats happening there), but once past, you’l see just how awesome this jumper is. They have tees with it on and dresses too! This jumper reminds me of one that a friend has recently brought. Though his is more jazzy.

It is like dungarees, but with a cat on it. Not quiet sure what to make of this, or if I should copy it.

cat demin

I do really like the idea of it (having the ears stick up and the face all cute) but it lacks shape. I need shape in a dress otherwise I’ll look like a bag of potatoes. It looks like the denim is attached to the top; this is a cool way to keep the cat in shape and stop the dress of sliding around. I think if I was to copy this one though, I would create straps of a different colour that go behind the ears and not attach it to a tee. I would bring the waist band up to add some shape. I would also consider adding scalloped bottom edge. And maybe a tail on the back, but that might be pushing it too much!

This lovely dress is handmade and being sold at £46, but is too much for me.

cat asos

If I was going to attempt this, it would end up being more costly and time consuming that I would have thought.  The best way to mimic this one would be to find a dress you like and add the paneling to it. Make sure that the material is light weight and that they are washable together. In fact, I would consider washing the panel before sewing onto the dress. I do really like this, it unusual and is bit more subtle than the last ones!

Another way do make cat themed clothing is to have cat print as the staple.

cat print

The smaller the print the better, in my opinion, in case you were asking! I would like this as a loose playsuit. This would not be a upcycle and the idea of this excise for me is to keep it cheap. Though a cheaty way to get round this would be to get less material and make a skirt! There are some great free online skirt patterns out there.

This lovely lady already has a DIY and it would be an upcycle.

cat jumper

What more could I say! Other than this would be the easiest and cheapest to do.

Other ways to get cat themed clothing (or any other motif) would be to block print. This lady has a great DIY for it. Another way would be applique, there are many DIY’s out there for this, one such is Penelope Teapot.

Hope enjoyed looking at the cat madness, until next time chickpeas.