Oh the wonderful world of biscuits. I LOVE BISCUITS, more so than cake (unless it is coffee and walnut cake) and cookies. I am not however the best at making them. The usually get a bit crispy round the edges. But here are some rather fancy tasty looking biscuits I want to try my hand at.

1) The Pink Whisk- Love Heart Icing

2) Gourmet Traveller-Lemon Glazed Biscuits

3) BBC Food- Shortbread Biscuits with Salted Peanut and Carmel Filling


4) Baking Mad- Crunchy Oaty Biscuits


5) BBC Food- Shortbread


6) Delia Online- Chocolate Almond Crunchies


I have not made shortbread before but am a sucker for it. I really like the idea of traditional shortbread with lemon sugar on top with a good cuppa! Nom.



1950s theme

Good Morning,

I love a good themed party. I went to a couple last month and I have one this week which is 1950s themed and I am excited. I mainly need to think about hair and make up style as I have collected everything else. I thought I would post some tutorials and ideas, in case any of you lovely people are in need of 1950s costume! I will post a photo of me in my get up on Friday so you can see the end result!

This dress is amazingly gorgeous. I want it 🙂

lace dress

But this is more the style of dress that I have:


I had trouble in deciding if my dress was 1950s, but I hoping with the right accessories and make up I’ll be fine!

If my hair was long enough I would try a style like this. She looks stunning in this photograph.


 Cherry Dollface has some really good 1950 inspired hair style tutorials. I am planning on styling my hair using her video. She also has alot of other videos based on 1950s themed styling.

This is not a blog about 1950s themed styling. However, this photo of her is amazing. How she has done her make up is the style I am aiming for.

1950s face

Or maybe I should go with the hair roller look? What you think?


Yesterday’s Girl is a blog about vintage life and styling. Check her out if you are interested in this kind of stuff. She has a tutorial on how she does her make up as well as the products she uses. This is her face made up prettily 🙂


 Time to get the red lippy out!

I’ll add a photograph of me all dressed up later in the week, I promise this time it will happen!



As it is the middle of the week and I am craving some delicious noms, I thought I would post some recipes for cupcakes in an attempt to cheer myself and anyone who reads this! I have recently bought myself a piping bag and have been trying it out; it is more difficult than I thought. Tip of the day: make sure not to take to long if using butter frosting as it goes goooey.

1) Baking mad, Banoffee Cupcake

cupcake 1

2) Connie Cupcake, Glittery Cherry

3) Baking Mad, Chocolate and Raspberry cupcake


4) Lemon Sugar, Cherry cordial cupcakes

5) BBC good food, Cranberry Ripple cheesecake cupcakes

6) Food Network, Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing

I making vegetarian tapas this evening, so if I have time I will attempt at making some cupcakes. Will post a photo later!