Tapas Night

Hello my cheeky parsnips,

I like eating and talking, tapas, I find is a great way to do both. I have been hankering tapas for ages and decided the other night to make some. All the dishes I made were a first for me and they went rather well 🙂 I made 8 dishes and it was a far too much for boyfriend and me to consume, so reinforcements were called the next day! I did take a photo, though it is not the best.  I do not know how people make food look good photographed.


So apologies for the rather poor photograph! It doesn’t look it, but it was rather yum. I toasted a stack of pitta to dip into the dishes. I also bought some nice olives and sun dried tomatoes  to go alongside them. Here are the recipes I used and made up:

1) Hummus,  Vegangela: I used this recipe (ish). It was good, though shelling chickpeas takes far longer than I expected.  So if thinking about doing this, leave extra time. It took me about 30 mins to shell a can of chickpeas.

2) Broccoli Guacamole, Vegangela: This was yummy and I received compliments on this. It was really easy to make though was the most expensive dish.

3) Spanish Green beans and Tomatoes, allrecipes: Mine did not look like the picture; it was much more liquidity.

4) Espinacas con Garbanzos, allrecipes: Again nothing like the picture, though that was because I blend mine more. I would suggest putting less garlic in this than suggested. I think I put in 2 cloves and found it was fine.

5) Olivada, allrecipes: Garlic ahoy, next time round I will use less, maybe half a clove. It was avoided second time round. So beware!

6) Mushroom thing. This was in part used Vegangela  recipe. I used chestnut and shitake mushrooms chopped finely. I did not use capers,  olives or parsley, or blend it. I did use garlic though only one clove and definitely used wine! I enjoyed my finial dish, but would be keen to try hers as I have enjoyed her other recipes.

7) Tomato Tapas, allreciepes: I used this but adapted it. This was the best dish. The recipe asks for pepper and basil, I didn’t use these. I used less garlic, I think 2 cloves. I also used more spices and curry paste. It has the option of blending it which I did. The dish got likened to Bombay potatoes, and the recipe was demanded.

8) The last dish I made up as couldn’t find what I was after. I name it Aubergine and tomato tapas, as that is what it was. I chopped an aubergine finely and roasted it with spices for about 20 mins on low heat. As it was roasting, I fried half an onion and a clove of garlic. When the aubergines were done, I added them to the frying pan with a tin of tomatoes and added more spice to give it a bit of a kick.

This isn’t the best laid out page, so well done if made it this far!



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